Before initiating an eviction proceeding, a landlord in New Jersey must first serve some type of notice. The notices and time frames differ based on the reason for the eviction. A New Jersey eviction lawyer from Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC will be informed on the ins and outs of the legal process and can help whether you are a landlord who needs to evict a tenant.

Without the assistance of qualified lawyers, you risk making mistakes and even accidentally breaking the law. In such instances, you may even end up owing the tenant more than the tenant owes in rent. Conversely, tenants who do not have a lawyer could end up in a legal mess that they don't know how to deal with. It's important in either situation to make sure you have a qualified New Jersey eviction lawyer on your side.


The process of eviction can take several months depending on the specific reasons why the person is being evicted from the property. If the proper timeline is not followed, the eviction may not be considered legal. It's important for landlords and tenants alike to understand their rights regarding all aspects of the eviction process.

For example, tenants who have a terminal illness can often get a one-year stay of eviction according to New Jersey law. When the property is a federally subsidized home, landlords may have to follow different timelines depending on the reason for eviction. In such cases, landlords may face discrimination charges if they don't have a New Jersey eviction lawyer who can explain the exact reasons for the eviction timeline.


The types of forms that need to be used for each eviction are different. In some cases, a Notice to Cease is used before a Notice to Quit. In other cases, only a Notice to Quit is required directly before the eviction is filed.

In all cases, a Truth in Renting document must be provided to the tenants within thirty days of signing the lease, or the landlord may not have any legal footing at all.

Because evictions can be complicated and require specific steps, you don't want to risk making costly errors. An experienced New Jersey eviction lawyer from our office can make sure the process is carried out properly and according to the law.


A New Jersey eviction lawyer from our firm can help you manage many different types of real estate cases, whether you are dealing with an eviction or some other type of landlord-tenant dispute. Our services ensure that every step a landlord or tenant takes is legal while representing your best interests and answering your questions.

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord dealing with eviction in New Jersey, you need experienced lawyers to make sure you retain your rights throughout the process. Don't risk making costly mistakes by attempting to navigate a complicated process alone. We can help. Call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC, or complete our contact form below to schedule your consultation.