Traffic tickets are stressful and expensive, but why fight a New Jersey traffic ticket? The answer is that they can cost you more than just the fine, because as the points on your license increase, so do your insurance premiums, the chance that you’ll lose your license, and even the possibility of jail time.

You may find yourself facing a speeding ticket, registration violations, or any of a number of other traffic violations. These points can add up quickly, especially in a city full of busy traffic and opportunities for mistakes. Points are also incredibly difficult to remove, so preventing them from accumulating in the first place is generally well worth your time. Speaking of costs, the fines can be particularly painful.


The fines for any given violation are called surcharges in New Jersey and can range from $100 to $1,000. Keep in mind that you can and will be assessed with multiple violations if they are observed. After multiple violations, the surcharges can be as high as $4,500 for one offense.

Don’t think that you can just ignore a traffic violation because it’s just a traffic ticket. The state can recover money or assets to cover your penalty if they deem it necessary after a certain period of time. To keep this from escalating, a traffic ticket lawyer from our firm is often the best—and least expensive—course of action.


The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission tracks your violations and penalties using the aforementioned point system. If you get too many—twelve—over two or more years, your license will be suspended. The infraction determines the number of points applied to your license. Many of these are minor infractions, but earning only a few within a given time can put you over the limit.

Getting points dropped off of your license is much more difficult than earning them. There are four ways to remove points, only one of which is immediate through a state-sponsored program. Sadly, your insurance company may not accept these deductions when they consider your rate changes. Once again, the best choice is to avoid earning them in the first place through the aid of an attorney.


The process of just pleading not guilty is difficult enough to manage. You have government paperwork, insurance paperwork, and likely a couple of court visits to go through. Actually trying to fight the charge is extremely more challenging, and an attorney from our office can help immensely.

Not only can we take over the government paperwork and the court visits, but we can also often get the charges dismissed or reduced, cutting down the points you do eventually receive.


Trying to get to work on time should not cost you hundreds of dollars and your privilege to drive. You have the right to fight the charges and the penalties, but it can be difficult.

If you have been ticketed for a traffic violation and want to protect yourself from the full brunt of the penalties, you need to call Jean Baptiste & Associates, LLC. You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a free case evaluation. Don’t put things off until you have one point left—call today!